We get it, there are times in your business when you really just want to learn how to do your own marketing.  Maybe you are just getting started and your budget is tight, or maybe you want to learn before you outsource.  Whatever the case, we have programs to fit all budgets and needs. In this section you will self-guided and done-with-you programs. 

Coaching, Consulting & Courses


In this workshop you will learn how to build an online community of local people and then generate leads and referrals authentically and sustainably from your group. 





Inside the monthly membership, we will help you build and maintain all of the pieces of your social media funnel. This membership isn't just one more training, it is practical action steps and materials to keep the leads and referrals coming. 

You show me what you have going on in your sales and marketing funnels and I will tell you how to make it even better! At the end of the 90 minutes, you will have a clear strategy to make an even great impact with your social media marketing funnels. 

Do you need support in implementing your marketing strategy?  Lets' do it together!  In one afternoon, we will create all of the pieces of your marketing funnel so that it can start working for you right away. 




Amy Hartmann is a powerhouse!

She not only knows how to get results, she knows the exact steps to take to get the results YOU want. If you looking for someone to guide you in laying a solid foundation for your business, Amy is the only choice. 

-Lorri Silvera