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Selling before you build a business is a terrible strategy. The worst business advice I ever received was to keep selling and bringing on new clients without regard to the internal structure of my agency. I was an early adopter of account-based marketing, and I remember thinking that if I kept selling and adding new […]

The Worst Business Advice Ever

There is a major buzz around the iOS 14 update and what that means for marketers and targeted advertising. Users should have the right to choose what data is being collected and how it is used, and this update requires your organization to ask for permission first. So, what exactly does that look like to […]

The iOS 14 Thing

Human Engagement is Personal We live in a digital age, there’s no denying that. As far as business is concerned, technology has opened up opportunities we wouldn’t have thought possible 50 years ago. It’s allowed us to connect people across the globe and complete tasks quicker than ever. But business has never been about the […]

Making a Connection With Your Audience