Groups for REal Humans

Build your sphere with a highly engaged Facebook Group

...then use our proven system to turn your Facebook Group members into leads and referrals for your real estate business.

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You love working with buyers and sellers but you need a way to generate leads and referrals and keep them coming. 

You’ve been told to cold call or door knock but you know these strategies just don’t work anymore and settling for this as a marketing tactic because your old school guru says that’s the way it is just doesn’t feel good to you. 

You want to build your Real Estate business and generate a consistent stream of leads without using tired strategies, badgering everyone you know, or using salesy, inefficient tactics. 

Bottom Line:

You’ve considered buying leads but honestly, spending thousands of dollars on leads that may or may not pan out (and then stalking every lead that comes in because you can’t let them go to waste) isn’t something you can afford to do. 

You’ve tried posting about your services, listings and open houses on your Facebook page but you are getting little to no engagement from anyone other than your mom, your best friend, and the other agents in your office. 

Here's a question for you....

What if you stopped using old marketing strategies that don’t work and created a system that allowed you to grow your sphere and generate a steady stream of leads and referrals? 

Sound too good to be true?
Hang up your flip phone. I’m about to show you exactly how!

Here's The Deal

More People Are Online Than Ever Before But...

… and that''swhere Facebook Groups come in

Humans don’t want to get on social media and be sold to.

Humans don’t want to connect with people that are just posting about their job (who wants to hear about someone’s job all day long). 

Humans want to connect with real humans. They want to connect and bond over topics and hobbies that interest them. They want to build actual relationships with the people that they meet online. 

You give people a place to bond and connect around a topic that you love as much as they do, and add more humans to your sphere. Then, you give them a simple way to connect with you about real estate when they need those services.

And the best part is...your new sphere will come to you and refer their friends and family members to you organically because they know, like, and trust you.

Groups for REal Humans

The Formula



Create a group around a topic that you know and love.



Connect with and nurture new members through a series of private communications 

(don’t worry we’ll tell you what to say and do, you aren’t going to sell them anything or have to be weird about it) 



Continue to grow and nurture your sphere  with content that solidifies the know, like, and trust factor and keeps you top of mind. 

With a Facebook Group working for you 24/7, you can spend more time working with your clients and let the leads and referrals generate themselves.

When you set up this system correctly, you will be top of mind for the members and anytime they need a real estate agent, they will automatically think of you. 


Create a Facebook group and then use our proven system to grow your sphere and generate a steady stream of leads and referrals for your real estate business. 

Groups for REal Humans

What's Included? 

> Groups for Real Humans Workshop ($497 value)

> Groups for Real Humans Q&A Forum ($97 value)

>> Bonus 1: Tech Made Simple Walkthrough & Screenshot Guide ($97 Value)

>> Bonus 2: Setting up your Group Checklist ($47 value)

>> Bonus 3: Engagement Post Templates ($27 Value)

Total Value: $765

Today's Price: Just $27

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> Why growing a local sphere group is crucial to your lead generation strategy.

> Why NOW is the right time to create a lead generation funnel using an online group.

> The types of groups that work best for this strategy and how to decide which one is best for YOU.

> The simple Social Media post you can use to validate your group idea and get your first members.

> Our group setup formula that takes all of the guesswork out of how to set up your group the right way.

> How to grow your group membership.

> The types of posts you should use to keep your group members engaged.

> How to hack the Facebook algorithm to get the most out of everything you post in your group.

> What to do to tie your group back to your real estate business

> Our simple system that turns your group into a lead generation machine.

Exactly What is Covered?

Get Instant Access For Just $27

Everything you need to grow your local sphere and generate leads & referrals using a Facebook Group.

We love Facebook Groups because they have changed the way we generate leads and referrals for good. 

Hey, I’m Amy!

In addition to running a marketing agency for Real Estate Agents, I am also a Real Estate Broker. It is my goal to help the agents in our brokerage to grow their businesses and have lead generation systems that feel authentic and are sustainable.

We use organic and paid social media strategies to generate leads, but none of these strategies work as well and as consistently as local Facebook Groups

Once we started using groups as the start of our lead generation funnel, we began to see almost immediate results. Not only did we feel a shift in our own attitude toward the process (it didn’t feel salesy or like we were bugging people) but also we realized that we had created an easier way to build relationships in the local areas that we serve.

Once we realized this and knew we were on to something big, we set out to do it even better. We developed a formula for setting up the groups as well as a system for engaging and nurturing our group members from the moment that they join.

We don’t rely on just social posts and ads and HOPE that someone will comment on our content or reach out to us for their Real Estate Needs. My group lead gen system keeps us in constant contact and top of mind with local area people that know, like and trust us with their real estate needs over and over again.

Our groups give us freedom to work with clients and take time to do the things that we love the most knowing that our marketing funnel is working for us 24/7.

Use an online group to connect with other local humans and then use your group to generate leads and referrals over and over again.

Here’s everything that is included

Groups for REal Humans

> Groups for Real Humans Workshop($497 value)

> Groups for Real Humans Q&A Forum ($97 value)

>> Bonus 1: Tech Made Simple Walkthrough & Screenshot Guide ($97 Value)

>> Bonus 2: Setting up your Group Checklist ($47 value)

>> Bonus 3: Engagement Post Templates ($27 Value)

Total Value: $765

Today's Price: Just $27

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After this workshop you will know exactly how to:

> Validate your group idea and have your first members begging you to let them in.

> Set-up your group using our formula so that your group becomes a lead generation machine.

> Invite new members to your group and keep your group membership growing

> Keep your members engaged

> Use your group to generate leads and referrals authentically & sustainably.

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